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  • 7,000,000 OAK Presale
  • 35,000,000 OAK Main ICO
    26 MAY 2018
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4.1/ 5

What We Do

The Acorn Collective is using blockchain to help founders and startups find access to funding. We provide crowdfunding that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed.

It's a huge and growing market in the West and a largely untapped market in most developing countries.

Crowdfunding - The Problem

Acorn’s Solution

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Acorn Collective Timeline

  • Q3-Q4 2017

    Concept & Team Building
    Company Incorporation
    Regulatory & Banking
    Product Development Began

  • Q1 2018

    ICO Presale SOLD OUT
    Product Development & Team Building

  • 26 May - 24 June 2018

    Main ICO Crowdsale

  • Late 2018

    Early Product Build
    First Crowdfunding Campaigns Live
    Token Growth & Stability Mechanisms

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Meet the Team

    • Dr. Moritz Kurtz
    • Co-Founder, CEO
    • Entrepreneur, doctor, dog lover.

      Moritz has combined 4 years of working in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine with a passion for entrepreneurship, driven by the belief that technology can and should bring opportunity within reach of everyone, everywhere.

      In 2017, he left medicine to co-found Acorn, a crowdfunding and startup ecosystem that helps founders and projects across the world access funding and deliver on their goals.

      Alongside his incredible team (and Benny, the office dog), Moritz wants to use blockchain and crowdfunding as the key tools to help those entrepreneurs that are bold and ambitious enough to help themselves.

      PS. Have we mentioned Moritz now gets to work with an incredible team of passionate people? Yea, they’re amazing!

    • Peter-Andreas Kurtz
    • Co-Founder, CFO
    • Peter-Andreas Kurtz is a corporate finance specialist with over 40 years working for top European banks in Frankfurt, New York, London and Hong Kong. His expertise in MA with some of the world’s best-known brands has given him a deep understanding of financial risk management and analysis.

      Peter now brings his unique insights to SMEs. With a passion for small businesses and start-ups, Peter believes every enterprise should have access to the expertise and funding it needs to thrive.

    • Ed Earle
    • CTO
    • Ed is a software engineer and architect with over ten years experience in delivering small scale and ERP systems. A professional Scrum Master, Ed’s fascinated by InfoSec and DevSecOps protocols, and is also currently working on a new Agile process framework that focusses on assuring quality for agency-style multi-client software development lifecycles.

      In odd moments of free time, Ed’s part of a group that contributes to and promotes QAA web standards as well as renovating a Victorian house. The web standards are much more straightforward.

    • Edward Lobbett
    • COO
    • Ed’s the co-founder and CEO of Hoppr, a big data platform that provides the link between digital marketing and offline retail transactions.

      Ex-South West Chairman of the Institute of Consulting in the UK, Ed has created, owned and consulted for start-ups and traditional businesses for over a decade.

    • Helene Boscardin
    • Social Initiatives Director
    • Following her studies in languages, business and international relations in France, China & Singapore respectively, Hélène moved to Indonesia to do field work for the humanitarian project of both international and local NGOs for several years. Since 2016, she is back home in France, where she is working as Global Health Partnerships Manager at an international NGO for access to medicines in middle-income countries. She believes community based organizations are the best vessel of change and that local initiatives need more support. She enjoys travelling, learning languages, scuba-diving, cinema and reading.

    • Simon Minton
    • Cybersecurity & Startup Specialist
    • Simon is an EMEA go to market specialist in the cyber security industry as well as an experienced start-up advisor with a London accelerator.

      Specialising in advising companies levering emerging technologies to build novel platforms, Simon is a former investing Non-Executive Director in the UK who now helps fast-growing tech start-ups to make their ideas a reality.

    • Edward Dench
    • Head of Marketing
    • Serial entrepreneur always working in new technologies. Co-founder of one of the first social Wi-Fi platforms. Co-founder of Hoppr App, disrupting all discounting and marketing channels for the hospitality industry.

      Ed’s also currently working on a programme to create an incubator providing growth and development opportunities for young entrepreneurs and startups.

    • Ben Webb
    • Head of Community & Partnerships
    • With a degree in Marketing, lengthy experience of business development and a passion for exciting ideas, Ben’s skills have seen him work across a variety of industries on a wide scope of projects.

      From starting his own business to engaging with the C-Suite from the world’s biggest brands, his focus has always been on the people behind the ideas. A cheerleader for making the world a more accessible place for all and the democratising power of technology to achieve this.

    • Toby Tucker
    • Marketing & Community
    • A recent business graduate from the University of the West of England, Toby’s a keen entrepreneur in his own right, running a successful events company followed by Kanyefest, a national touring club night featured on Radio 1 and national press in the UK.

      Like the rest of the team, Toby has been connected with small startups and entrepreneurship on a personal level, and shares Acorns vision of making enterprise more available to communities worldwide through better funding.

      With great insights into social media mechanics and community-building, Toby’s focus is to help spread the word about Acorn through social and forum channels and help manage our ad campaigns.

    • Jan Monks
    • Customer Relations Manager
    • Jan is Acorn’s self-proclaimed ‘King of Spreadsheets’. As the gatekeeper to the CRM his task is to maintain and develop our customer base, whilst making sure our company administration and systems are watertight.

      After a year of studying philosophy, politics and ethics at university, Jan decided he would learn more from full time employment. Since then he has worked in variety of industries including managing administration at a laser measurement company.

      Jan is enjoying the challenge and excitement of working at a rapidly growing company, and being an integral part of a game changing idea.

    • Rory Stanway
    • Digital Marketing
    • Rory is responsible for analysing and developing Acorn’s digital marketing strategy – from tweets, to Telegram, Facebook and website analytics.

      As a marketing graduate from the University of South Australia he is passionate about using his skills for good, and has a particular interest in sustainability and politics.

      With a background in pro-social start-ups, he is well placed at Acorn Collective. A previous role saw him working for a niche sustainable food start-up, providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged Aboriginal people in Australia.

      He is enjoying being a part of an incredible team dynamic and working hard everyday to make the start-up vision real.

    • Tayana Simons
    • Copywriter
    • A professional writer with a background in journalism and content creation, Tayana writes Acorn’s online copy, articles, and company communications.

      With a first class journalism degree, she has worked for national TV and online platforms. Working as a copywriter in recent years she has written about a wide range of subjects from stem cells, to nutrition, travel, and now crowdfunding.

      Tayana strongly believes in the power of crowdfunding to give access to funding to the developing world.

    • Jamie Conoley
    • Videographer / Creative
    • Jamie is Acorn’s in-house cameraman and graphic design extraordinaire – he is responsible for much of the company’s visuals, videos and graphic design.

      His career so far has seen him work as a camera operator in Vienna, as well as working for Jamie Oliver’s video production unit creating social content and graphics.

      Jamie enjoys the excitement of working in a start-up with the potential to help people around the world crowdfund their ideas and businesses.

    • Phil Osmond
    • Product Owner
    • Phil sits at the heart of Acorn’s platform development. Answering the all-important who, what, when and why throughout the platform build.

      Phil comes to us from a background in development with a strong focus on the users’ needs. He is passionate about helping businesses to grow through the power of technology, and building products that people want to use.

      Away from the office, Phil is a culinary connoisseur, and can never be found too far away from ‘some sort of food or drink or both.

      “I’m looking forward to joining the journey, rolling up my sleeves and helping make the Acorn platform a reality!”

    • Tom Richards
    • Developer
    • Tom comes to Acorn after 10 years working as a software engineer with 5 years experience successfully leading the development of products through the entire SDLC.

      Tom guides Acorn’s technical solutions, security mitigations, whilst helping to design, implement and optimise the SDLC. He will help to support the live product and contribute towards the continuous application development.

      Away from work, when he's not chasing after his son or cycling around the Mendips, Tom loves to get to grips with new technologies with an aim to directly or indirectly improve his capabilities and that of the team.

      “I feel proud to be working on a product which will have a positive impact on the world and be involved in the development of a platform in such an exciting technical space right from its inception.”

    • Daniel Pidcock
    • UX Designer
    • Tom Keirl
    • Developer
    • Tom is at the core of our software development at Acorn Collective, helping to shape and deliver the platform from a technical perspective.

      He comes from 15+ years in the software industry in a range of sectors from retail EPOS solutions, to high net wealth markets and asset management solutions.

      “I’m excited to be engaging my talent towards a more noble cause above generic financial services. I’m looking forward to providing a financing platform that will open up funding to developing nations, so that they have an equal opportunity to prosper.”

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